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Who's this guy?​

Hi there, I'm TKNBYT... but behind it all, my name is Tobi. I started off doing photography back in June 2015 as a hobby under Trident Media, which is the University of Hertfordshire's student media outlet.


A brief first interest in photography stemmed from the age of 6 but I briefly really took a keen interest back in 2012-2013, but didn't have the funds or time to go into it. I became the photography manager of Trident Media once I joined. Within the space of months I have covered a lot, such as Latitude Festival 2015, doing photography at The Forum Hertfordshire for artists such as DJ Fresh, Gorgon City, Basshunter, Chip, Katy B, DJ EZ & more. I also had brief stint with nightlife agency Licklist.


I have photographed various venues around the UK and Europe, I currently hold a residency at The Forum Hertfordshire.

I am now a supplier for Sony Music UK and work very closely with Influencer Marketing Agency 'Forest Colard' as one of their main photographers.

Finally, a massive thank you and love to everyone who's shown support throughout this journey.


For any enquiries, feel free to use the 'CONTACT' tab to get in touch.


Take care & enjoy the photos.

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